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Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery, is a technique that alters the form, size, or location of the ears.

The prominent ear issue is one of the most frequent auricular disorders. The auricle buckles forward from the usual anatomic position of the ears, causing this condition. The optimal time to have ear surgery (otoplasty) is during preschool, which addresses a significant ear deformity. But still, this procedure may be done at any age.

If you’re disturbed by how much your ears extend from your skull, you could consider otoplasty. If your ear or ears are deformed due to an accident or a congenital condition, you may want to explore the otoplasty option.

Otoplasty may be done at any age when the ears have grown to their full size, normally after five. It can even be done in adults.

What is Otoplasty?

Cosmetic ear surgery is another term for otoplasty. It’s done on the auricle, which is the visible part of the outer ear.

The auricle is made up of cartilage folds covered in skin. It begins to form before birth and continues to form in the years after birth.

You may opt to undergo otoplasty to improve the size, location, or shape of your ears if your auricle does not grow correctly.

There are various kinds of otoplasty procedures:

Ear Augmentation: Some individuals may have tiny ears or ears that haven’t fully matured. They may opt to get otoplasty to expand the size of their outer ear in certain circumstances.

Ear Pinning is a term that refers to the act of fastening. The ears are brought closer to the skull in this form of otoplasty. It’s done on people who have visibly protruding ears from the sides of their heads.

Ear Reduction: Macrotia is a condition in which your ears are bigger than they should be. People with macrotia may choose otoplasty surgery to shrink their ears.

How is The Ear Surgery Performed?

The procedure takes roughly two hours depending on the degree of the deformity and is performed under local or general anaesthesia.

The ear cartilages are sculpted using a micro-scoring process in the required folds from the rear of the auricle. After the ear surgery treatment, there are no stitching marks on the exposed surfaces of the ear.

Who’s a Good Candidate For Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

Otoplasty is often performed on ears that:

  • Bigger, shorter, or smaller than typical protrude from the skull.
  • Having an irregular form as a result of an accident, trauma, or a congenital disability.

Furthermore, some persons may have previously had otoplasty and are dissatisfied with the outcomes. As a result, people may choose a different doctor in a different place.

Those who are good candidates for otoplasty include:

  • Ages 5 and up. When the auricle has grown to 90% of its adult size, it is mature.
  • The patient should be in excellent physical condition. An underlying disease might raise the risk of complications and slow the healing process.
  • Nonsmokers. Smoking might impede the healing process by reducing blood flow to the region.