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Facial surgery helps shape the nose, ears, chin, cheekbones, and neckline, among other features in the neck and head. People seeking this surgery may be motivated by a desire to rebuild the face after an accident or sickness or alter a congenital characteristic.

Alternatively, they may want to counteract the indications of age, smooth out shape imperfections, or bring the facial features into balance.

Facelift Treatment in Turkey

A facelift is a procedure used to improve the appearance of drooping facial skin, neck, and under the jaw area. The goal of the treatment is to gather lubricants, rejuvenate the face, remove small lines, and make the patient seem younger.

The facelift does not stop a person from ageing or modifying their appearance; it merely makes their skin tighter and relatively younger.

Facelifts are frequently performed on people between the ages of 40 and 50. However, evaluating the person’s skin type will decide the most suitable timing. Although a facelift is a surgical operation, it is preferable to achieve the desired outcome in the face using less invasive procedures.

The patient’s skin type determines the extent of the facelift. It is determined by assessing criteria such as the patient’s age, face structure, gender, and ailments. Patients should cease smoking two weeks before the surgery, as with any cosmetic facial surgery, since this prolongs the wound healing time.

Blepharoplasty in Turkey

Eyelid surgery is a form of plastic surgery used to fix flaws in the eyelids or improve the look of the upper or lower eyelids. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty or eye lift surgery, may address various concerns in the region around the eyes, such as drooping skin above the upper eyelids, puffiness, bags beneath the eyes, and so on.

A wide range of facilities perform eye lift surgery in Turkey, notably in Istanbul, the country’s cultural hub, and Ista Clinica is one of the best among them.

What is The Procedure For Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is done under general anaesthesia or continuous sedation and might take anywhere from one to three hours. Incisions are done in the creases of the upper eyelids or below the lower lash lines, where the ensuing scars will be the least obvious. Sutures are used to close the wound when saggy skin or fat is eliminated.

Neck lift in Turkey

Neck lift surgery, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic facial surgery procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the neck and jawline and fine lines and wrinkles, jowl lines, and double chins.

What is The Procedure For Necklift Surgery?

The procedure takes two to three hours and is done under general anaesthesia or continuous sedation. Incisions are made in the hairline or around the ear, depending on the approach. Saggy skin is removed, and fat, tissue, and muscle are redistributed to get the intended effect. Additional incisions may be made beneath the chin to do liposuction and muscle restoration.

Eyebrow Lift in Turkey

Eyebrow lift surgery, also known as brow lift surgery or forehead surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that raises the eyebrows and reduces wrinkles between the eyes and wrinkling marks on the forehead to give the face a more youthful look.

What is The Procedure For Eyebrow Lift Surgery? 

Eyebrow lift surgery is generally done under general anaesthesia or continuous sedation and takes less than three hours.

The conventional lift technique or the endoscopic lift method may both be used to conduct an eyebrow lift. A coronal incision is performed around the hairline, which lifts the brow without affecting the height of the hairline. Patients with high foreheads are frequently encouraged to use this approach.

Compared to the traditional procedure, the endoscopic lift is conducted by making tiny incisions in the hairline region and anchoring the tissue in a far less invasive way. This procedure produces minimal scars and requires less time to recuperate.