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Lip Lift

Lip injections, often known as lip fillers or lip implants, are a common procedure around the globe. These lip treatments give the lips the appearance of being stung by a bee. A lip lift is another surgical technique that may give you an amazing variety of lips. It’s not temporary like lip fillers.

What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a surgical operation that shortens the “philtrum,” the gap between the nose and the top of the lip.

The operation enhances the quantity of pink tissue exposed, giving the lips a wider, more prominent appearance. When your lips are relaxed, it exposes more of your upper central teeth.

It’s an excellent alternative for individuals who want to increase the height of their lips rather than thickness.

Who’s a Good Candidate For a Lip Lift? 

A lip lift may be an excellent alternative for elderly individuals who wish to close the gap between their lips and nose. This gap often expands with time, making lips seem smaller.

Youngsters who haven’t gotten the appearance they desire with lip fillers or feel that fillers make their lips seem abnormally thick or duck-like may benefit from a lip lift treatment.

Lip lifts are also a long-term option to benefit those wary of filler maintenance.

Who’s Not a Good Candidate For a Lip Lift? 

You’re not a good candidate for a lip lift operation if you don’t have a lot of room between the base of your nose and the top of your lip (usually 1.5 cm), and you’re a smoker who isn’t ready or able to stop during the post-surgery recovery phase (about two to four weeks).

What Are The Types of Lip Lift Treatments? 

Lip lifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s crucial to understand the different kinds and lip lift treatments so you can talk to your surgeon at Ista Clinica about which is best for you.

1. Direct Lip Lift

A straight lip lift (direct lip lift), also known as a gullwing lip lift, improves the definition of the lip border.

A tiny strip of skin is taken from just above the top lip and dragged upwards to give the appearance of additional vermillion (the pink part of the lips).

2. Subnasal Bullhorn 

One of the most prevalent lip lift treatments is the subnasal bullhorn.

A surgeon will create an incision around the base of the nose, where it will be less noticeable. The incision is commonly shaped like a bullhorn, with the lip’s centre, right, and left sides all pushed up into the nose.

3. Central Lip Lift 

A subnasal bullhorn lift is comparable to a central lip lift. An incision in the lower nose shortens the distance between the nose and the lips.

4. Corner Lip Lift 

Because it gives the face a more smiling expression, a corner lip lift is also known as a “grin lift.”

Making two little incisions at the corners of the mouth and removing a small quantity of skin is how it’s done. Some patients may have this procedure with another lip lift to get bigger lips.

5. Italian Lip Lift

An Italian lip lift is extremely similar to a bullhorn lift in that it involves two incisions below each nose. It usually does not leave a visible scar.

How Much Does a Lip Lift Cost in Turkey?

Lip lifts are considered elective cosmetic treatments. Thus they are not covered by insurance.

The cost of a lip lift treatment varies from one surgeon to the next and from one nation to another. According to cosmetic modification done, the treatment costs between $2.000 and $5.000. If you have a corner lip lift along with another lip lift, the price may go up.