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Lower Body

A belt lipectomy is another name for a lower body lift. Sagging skin below the waistline is common as a consequence of extreme weight loss, weight instability, or gradual ageing.

The buttocks, back of the thighs, outer thighs, inner thighs, hips, and abdomen are all tightened and sculpted during lower body lift surgery. Loose skin that is visually unappealing or restricts movement is eliminated.

If you are close to your desired weight, a lower body lift may be performed before or after an upper body lift. Thousands of patients get effective lower body lift operations each year and are happy with the outcomes.

What Should You Anticipate From a Lower Body Lift?

Saggy skin and fat tissue are removed via incisions made by the plastic surgeon at Ista Clinica from the rear around to the front of the thighs. The residual tissue is stretched and smoothed across the lower body.

What Does a Lower Body Lift Include?

A lower body lift combines body contouring operations to alter the hips, thighs and lower abdomen after significant weight reduction.

The skin may become bloated and stretched out of shape as a result of dramatic weight shifts. As we age, our skin becomes progressively loose. A lower body lift corrects these problems by removing extra skin and pushing it taut over your sculpted new shape.

Your lower body lift might be a customized mix of the treatments listed below.

1. Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) 

Tummy tuck surgery, commonly known as abdominoplasty, is the most prevalent cosmetic procedure. The surgery is performed when exercise and weight management are insufficient to create a tight and smooth belly due to age, genetics, pregnancy, or extra skin caused by weight changes.

2. Liposuction

Liposuction is an aesthetic operation that removes excess fat from the body in order to thin and restructure it to the appropriate proportions. Liposuction is a popular treatment among individuals because of its convenience: it may treat several regions in a single session. It can be combined with other aesthetic procedures to get satisfactory results.

3. Thigh Lift (Thighplasty)

A thigh lift (also known as a thighplasty) is an aesthetic procedure that removes extra skin and fat from the thigh region.

After decreasing weight, the typical purpose of a thigh lift surgery is to contour and smooth the thigh region. Some individuals choose the treatment to improve their form and feel more confident in swimwear, shorts, and jeans.

4. Endoscopic Buttock Lift

The buttocks are one of the most visible parts of a gorgeous physique. A nice buttock relates to how well the clothes you wear fit you, especially if you’re a woman.

As a result, one of the procedures used on ladies whose buttocks aren’t as large as they’d like is the buttock augmentation procedure (buttock lift).

The prosthetic application in the buttock lift procedure is carried out via the line between two buttocks, invisibly and without leaving a scar.

A prosthesis may be inserted in the intramuscular or subfacial region via endoscope in this implant application. The form of the butt and how the patient wants it determines where the prosthesis will be inserted.

5. Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a popular cosmetic treatment that involves transferring fat to your buttocks to help generate greater volume.

If you’ve heard of a Brazilian butt lift and want greater long-term benefits than exercising alone, learn more about the operation by contacting us and visiting us at Ista Clinica, a trustworthy institution that can do it safely.